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Miss Simpson is our Early Years Lead. 



Special Welcome 



The Reception Team are very excited to welcome you to our page.




Below are the copies of the Reception weekly newsletters.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


This week the children have really enjoyed the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. They have made sandwiches, written instructions, role played the story, made lighthouse pictures and explored Google Earth with a focus on Beachy Head Lighthouse.

Water, water


This term our focus has been water, water. The children have had a lovely time exploring capacity. 

Traditional Tales


We have been enjoying the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We have made some super bridges in the outdoor area and have done some fantastic retelling of the story as we cross the bridge. We have painted some fantastic pictures and have worked together to create the characters and bridge from the story for a display. We have used our teamwork and collage skills to create three goats and a troll. We have created some detailed story maps and have used the ‘talk for writing actions’ for ‘Once upon a time, first and they lived happily ever after’.

A Taste of Reception


Here are some photographs of us exploring in Reception...


Growth Mindset


We have introduced the children to the story Mabel and the Mountain and it has been thoroughly enjoyed. Mabel helps us to believe in ourselves and 'have a go'. Some of the children are now encouraging each other by saying "what would Mabel do" and "I want to be more like Mabel". 


We Will Remember

Messy Maths


We have been learning about number 5. We have represented this number with multilink this week. We carefully counted 5 blocks and changed the shape by rearranging the blocks. This messy fun provided us with lots of great mathematical discussions.

Chilli Challenges


We encourage the children to complete 3 chilli challenges each half term and we can't wait to celebrate them in class.

Keeping healthy


Here is the hand washing video that we have used to learn how to wash our hands properly. Remember, we need to wash our hands when we have used the toilet, before we eat and when we come into a new environment. 

WOW Vouchers


We are really interested in hearing anything that you and/or your child think is an achievement outside of school- things that make you smile with pride. Please print off vouchers from the link below and send them into us at school, so that this moment can be celebrated in class!




We use the Whiterose Maths mastery curriculum in Reception. This scheme of work was developed to build a new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths. 



We use the CBeebies Numberblocks to support our teaching of numbers.


Early Writing Skills

Please encourage your child to mark make using pens, pencils, paintbrushes etc. Part of the writing process is children ascribing meaning to marks and children gaining confidence with pencil control.