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Religious Education

Progression of skills and knowledge in R.E.


At St. Matthew’s our aim is to provide an atmosphere in which the children can extend their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live so that they can develop both spiritually and morally. In R.E. we shall explore religious beliefs, values and practices of World Religions as well as Christianity to enable our pupils to make their own personal response to life whilst respecting the beliefs and practices of other people.   Parents do have a right to withdraw their children from R.E. after discussion with the headteacher.

Collective Worship
Collective Worship is seen as a natural part of school life. It is a time within the day that provides for an opportunity to reflect upon the realities of life and of the spiritual truths proclaimed by the world's major faiths. Moral Issues can be raised and feelings sensitively explored.

The acts of worship are planned on a half termly basis and are often related to the topics that the children are covering in their classroom activities; to significant occasions in the religious calendar; to locally raised issues and to national or international issues that may be relevant to the children.   We also deal with matters that relate to the whole school.
Collective worship has an important role in the process of spiritual and moral development. Parents do have a right to withdraw their children from assembly after discussion with the headteacher.  



As a voluntary aided church school our acts of worship also reflect the practice and traditions of the Church of England, however, respect is shown to other religious beliefs and

practices. We see the shared values, beliefs and commitments within our multicultural mix as strengths of our school community.

Reflection Time


Once a week, each class has Reflection Time. This is a period of time, when children can explore a Christian based theme for a half term. These sessions are designed to be a little more interactive than collective worship, and allow for discussion with the class teacher.


This half term's key question is:


What are the psalms and what do they mean to us?


Click on the link below for ‚Äča link to a great website - psalms for kids.