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Trips and The Requests For Voluntary Contributions

We make the most of our local environment and take our children on walks and short visits to places of interest in our local area. Parents are asked to sign giving permission for these visits, when they start St Matthew’s.


There will be times when your child will be invited to go on school trips/visits further afield. Parents will be asked to give written consent before children are taken out of the school. All school visits are carefully assessed for Health and Safety risks and we ensure that excellent adult to children ratios are maintained at all times. Parents may be asked to make a “voluntary” contribution towards the cost of some trips to cover the cost of transport and other expenses incurred in providing education outside school, but which takes place during school hours. Every child, regardless of whether their parents make a donation or not, will be allowed to participate provided that the necessary approval slip has been received completed from the parents.
However an activity may be affected if a significant amount of the cost is not collected. The school would then have to consider cancelling some trips. Should financing a trip be an issue please do not hesitate to contact the school as there may be something they can do to help support you with this.