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Resources Committee Meeting on 15th September 2015

Resources Committee Meeting on 15th September 2015
Present: Heather Lacey (Head teacher), Nick Burrows, Simon Jobson,
Apologies: Rod Ash
Guest: Tim Duncan (Superintendent)
1. School’s Budget
The School Budget is on target versus estimated expenditure up to (August 15)
2. Bench Marking
A benchmarking exercise on expenditure versus local achools has been completed. St Matthews is in a good position but will continue to procure quality services at a reasonable price.
3)        ICT
The committee agreed unanimously to a proposal to invest in tablets and replace whiteboards on a rolling basis.
4)        Bungalow
The converted bungalow requires the final touches of paintwork e.t.c to be completed. The conversion has been a success and will be ready for use during the Autumn term.
5)        “Premises Walk” 2015
Tim Duncan joined to update the committee on works taken place since the Premises Walk. These have been extensive and have been noticed by Governors, staff and parents on the first weeks of term.
6)        Proposal for School Field
A proposal from the Inkwell charity to repurpose part of the school field was discussed. It was agreed that at this stage greater detail was required to make a sound judgement.
7)        AOB
It was noted that Tim Duncan had done an exceptional job above and beyond what is expected. HL and the rest of the committee wished to express official thanks.